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Battery Optima Blue Top Bt DC 5.5 12v 75ah Slow Discharge

Battery Optima Blue Top Bt DC 5.5 12v 75ah Slow Discharge

Battery Optima Blue Top Bt DC 5.5 12v 75ah Slow Discharge    Battery Optima Blue Top Bt DC 5.5 12v 75ah Slow Discharge
Battery optima blue top bt dc 5.5 12v 75ah. Length: 325mm Width: 165mm Height: 238mm. Optima bt dc 5.5. Power battery is the number 1 selling on the internet slow battery discharge. You benefit from a quality product. This battery is slow discharge, it has one. Maintenance free battery 100% waterproof. Our battery is delivered charged and ready to use.

With an optima® bluetop® battery, you will stay on the water longer. On your yacht or sailboat it will be the faithful and reliable companion of all your cruises. Patented spiralcell® technology means increased operating time, faster charging and a longer life than traditional boat batteries. And it is waterproof, can remain unused for longer and its resistance to vibration is 15 times higher, not to mention its high resistance to heat.

Professional fishing boats, pleasure craft captains and other aquatic enthusiasts need an absolutely reliable battery for the various areas of use. The solution: optima® blue top batteries, as start-up and reserve batteries, depending on whether you want to start the boat or to run specific consumers. Like all optima® batteries, blue top is extremely resistant to vibrations an obligation in constant swell.

Thanks to its optimum shelf-life and very low self-discharge, optima® blue top battery is recommended for seasonal use: as soon as weather permits, it is ready to go to sea. Without maintenance, one can concentrate on essentials once on board. Its small size, minimal weight and flexibility allow it to be mounted in virtually any position with little space.

Its twice as long lifetime compared to traditional batteries, and its cycling resistance up to ten times provides uninterrupted power until the next recharge. Our company is specialized in selling battery. We offer a wide range of batteries at unbeatable prices. You will find batteries for your alarm, toy, car, camping car, boat ... Our will is to make you enjoy a quality product.

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Battery Optima Blue Top Bt DC 5.5 12v 75ah Slow Discharge    Battery Optima Blue Top Bt DC 5.5 12v 75ah Slow Discharge