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Optima Yellow Top Yts 4.2 12v 55ah Battery Slow Discharge

Optima Yellow Top Yts 4.2 12v 55ah Battery Slow Discharge

Optima Yellow Top Yts 4.2 12v 55ah Battery Slow Discharge   Optima Yellow Top Yts 4.2 12v 55ah Battery Slow Discharge
Optimum battery yellow top yts 4.2 12v 55ah. Length: 254mm width: 175mm height: 238mm.

Optima yt s 4.2. Power battery is the number 1 on the internet selling slow battery discharge. You enjoy a quality product. This battery is slow discharge, it has one. Our battery is delivered charged and ready to use.

Optima® yellowtop® batteries are predestined for extremes. Whether your vehicle is made to suffer offroad or to boost decibels, you need to get more out of your battery. Optima® batteries with patented spiralcell® technology feature deep discharge characteristics combined with excellent vibration resistance.

This combination provides your vehicle with the power it needs for start-up and power, in a perfectly sealed battery. If your vehicle is equipped with many accessories stereo or audiovisual equipment, additional headlights, winches, hydraulic systems it pulls more on its battery. Optima® yellowtop® batteries provide the performance and load-discharge capability required by your vehicle. Whether in the heart of summer or throughout the year, optima® batteries provide motorhomes and caravans with sufficient energy for a successful holiday.

In scorching weather or cold weather, the unique spiracell technology used in the construction of optima® batteries provides unparalleled reliable starting power. Optima® red top as a starter battery as well as optima® yellow top as a backup battery for the entire onboard network are manufactured to withstand the excessive stresses due to their use. Off-road tires optima® batteries have a vibration resistance 15 times higher than traditional batteries. As the electrolyte is soaked in the fiber (agm technology) it can not flow and the batteries are therefore more watertight and can even be put down their small dimensions and minimal weight are undeniably a plus. Low self discharge, maintenance-free and twice as long life: all the arguments to travel worry-free and freely!

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  1. Manufacturer Part Number: yts4.2
  2. brand: optima

Optima Yellow Top Yts 4.2 12v 55ah Battery Slow Discharge   Optima Yellow Top Yts 4.2 12v 55ah Battery Slow Discharge