Battery Discharge Slow

Battery for ASUS A32-K72 A32-N71 A72D K72J A73S K73S N71J N73S X72J X73S 5200

Battery for ASUS A32-K72 A32-N71 A72D K72J A73S K73S N71J N73S X72J X73S 5200

Battery for ASUS A32-K72 A32-N71 A72D K72J A73S K73S N71J N73S X72J X73S 5200    Battery for ASUS A32-K72 A32-N71 A72D K72J A73S K73S N71J N73S X72J X73S 5200

Battery for ASUS A32-K72 A32-N71 A72 A73 K72 K73 N71 N73 PRO7A PRO7B PRO78 X7A X7B X7C X73 X77 11.1V 5200MAH. Compatible with the following devices. Asus A72 series / A72D / A72DR / A72DY / A72F / A72J / A72JK / A72JR / A72JT / A72JU. Asus A73 series / A73B / A73BE / A73BR / A73BY / A73S / A73SD / A73SJ / A73SM / A73SV / A73T / A73TA / A73TK. Asus K72 series / K72D / K72DR / K72DY / K72F / K72J / K72JB / K72JK / K72JT / K72JU.

Asus K73 series / K73B / K73BE / K73BR / K73BY / K73S / K73SD / K73SJ / K73SM / K73SV / K73T / K73TA / K73TK. Asus N71 series / N71J / N71JA / N71JQ / N71JV / N71V / N71VG / N71VN. Asus N73 series / N73J / N73JF / N73JG / N73JN / N73JQ / N73S / N73SM / N73SV.

Asus Pro7A series / Pro7AD / Pro7ADR / Pro7ADY / Pro7AF / Pro7AJ / Pro7AJK / Pro7AJR / Pro7AJT / Pro7AJU. Asus Pro7B series / Pro7BJ / Pro7BJF / Pro7BJG / Pro7BJQ / Pro7BS / Pro7BSM / Pro7BSV. Asus Pro7C series / Pro7CB / Pro7CBE / Pro7CE / Pro7CS / Pro7CSD / Pro7CSJ / Pro7CSM / Pro7CSV / Pro7CT / Pro7CTA / Pro7CTK. Asus Pro78 series / Pro78J / Pro78JA / Pro78JQ / Pro78JV / Pro78V / Pro78VG / Pro78VN. Asus X7A series / X7AD / X7ADR / X7ADY / X7AF / X7AJ / X7AJK / X7AJR / X7AJT / X7AJU.

Asus X7B series / X7BJ / X7BJF / X7BJG / X7BJN / X7BJQ / X7BS / X7BSM / X7BSV. Asus X7C series / X7CB / X7CBE. Asus X72D / X72DR / X72DY / X72F / X72J / X72JK / X72JR / X72JT / X72JU. Asus X73 series / X73B / X73BE / X73BR / X73BY / X73E / X73S / X73SD / X73SI / X73SJ / X73SM / X73SV / X73T / X73TA / X73TK. Asus X77 series / X77J / X77JA / X77JQ / X77JV / X77V / X77VG / X77VN. Attention to buyers to consider before validating. A 100% compatible piece from a different brand is sent if the exact model described in the ad is not available in stock at the time of sale. We suggest buying the part that corresponds both to the reference of your original part and the model number.

You can find the part number on the original label and the laptop number on the labels located under it or in the battery compartment. Sometimes, an identical model or series may use different parts with different power, connector type. Please make sure the specifications are the same before validating the purchase. Orders received with authorized payment before 1:00 PM (UTC/GMT +1 hour, Paris time) will be shipped the same day. (except weekends and holidays, shipping no later than 24 hours on the next business day).

Orders received after 2:00 PM may be shipped the same day or the next business day at the latest. We will not be able to change your shipping address after receiving the order. If you select express shipping service, please make sure your address and phone number are updated. If the address or phone number is incorrect, the customer will be responsible for delays and additional costs in case of order processing and specific buyer recommendations. We use an automated order processing system to expedite the shipping process.

The delivery note will be included automatically and systematically in the package. If you have a special request, please send it before placing an order and wait for our confirmation. What are your shipping costs?

We offer tracked shipping for all orders to mainland France. I ordered and paid for the item and now I want to send it to a different address. Once you have placed an order, we cannot change your shipping address. Do not request a change of address after placing an order.

How can I change the shipping address? Order, then choose your new shipping address during checkout. I just bought the item and I no longer need it or I bought the wrong item. Can you cancel or delete the order right away?

We will do our best to cancel or stop the preparation of the order if it is still possible. Indeed, we have an automated order processing system and your request may come in while the order is already being processed, even if it is not yet visible on the site. We will respond to messages in the order they are received and prioritize cancellation requests. A cancellation request with the subject "About: Item" or "I have a question about using the item" cannot be processed. Please do not send multiple messages, as this increases the response time for both you and other customers. We will be happy to assist you. What is and what is not covered by the warranty? The warranty covers manufacturing defects as well as technical defects and defective items upon arrival. This warranty excludes any damage or mishandling caused by the user, misuse, as well as normal wear and tear.

What happens if the goods are damaged during transport? Please carefully check your products upon delivery. If the package is damaged, you must inform the delivery person and mention a damaged package or tick the "Unchecked" box when signing for delivery. If you have received damaged goods during transport, you must notify us within 48 hours of delivery.

We will not accept any claims for damages beyond this timeframe. I ordered an item and no longer need it. Can I return it to you and get a refund?

We accept returns for refund within 30 days. The buyer is responsible for paying return shipping costs. The item has a manufacturing defect, how can we proceed now?

Return instructions will be provided to you. If you are returning the item, you must send it back with a copy of the invoice/delivery note and indicate the reason for the return.

It is the customer's responsibility to cover the return costs regardless of the reason. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we strive to provide quality products and services. If you have any other questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us beforehand. We will do our best to provide a quick solution to your problem. We are open to suggestions to improve our services and ask you to give us the opportunity to assist you before leaving negative or neutral feedback.

Battery for ASUS A32-K72 A32-N71 A72D K72J A73S K73S N71J N73S X72J X73S 5200    Battery for ASUS A32-K72 A32-N71 A72D K72J A73S K73S N71J N73S X72J X73S 5200