Battery Discharge Slow

Brand > Greenworks

  • 80v Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Greenworks G80pht Without Battery & Charger
  • 80v 2ah Greenworks G80b2 Li-ion Battery
  • 40v 2.5ah Batteries And 2a Charger Greenworks Gsk40b25 Starter Set Li-ion Battery
  • 48v (2x24v) Battery Thermal Magnetic Trip Boxes Greenworks 2x4ah &
  • 40v Battery 5ah Greenworks G40b5 Li-ion Battery (gen Ii)
  • 48v Battery Lawn Mower 41cm Greenworks G24x2lm41k2x With 2x2ah & Charger
  • 40v Lawn Mower Battery 41cm Greenworks With 2x2ah & Fast Charger