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Lithium Lfp 160ah 12.8v Smart Victron Energy Storage Photovoltaic

Lithium Lfp 160ah 12.8v Smart Victron Energy Storage Photovoltaic

Lithium Lfp 160ah 12.8v Smart Victron Energy Storage Photovoltaic    Lithium Lfp 160ah 12.8v Smart Victron Energy Storage Photovoltaic

Lithium battery lfp 160ah 12,8v smart victron energy photovoltaic storage. Are you a dealer or installer? For the wholesale purchase of victron energy products called the n.

Lithium-iron phosphate battery of 160ah 12,8v smart. Lithium iron phosphate batteries (lifepo4 or lfp) are the safest among traditional lithium ion batteries. The nominal voltage of an lfp cell is 3.2 v (lead: 2 v/cell). A 12.8 v lfp battery consists of 4 cells connected in series, and a 25.6 v battery consists of 8 cells connected in series.

Robust lead battery will fail prematurely due to sulfation. If it works in deficit mode for long periods (i.

The battery is rarely or never fully charged). If it is left partially loaded, or worse, completely unloaded (for yachts or mobile homes during the winter).

It is not necessary to fully charge an lfp battery. The service life improves even slightly in the case of a partial load instead of a full load. This represents a major advantage of the lfp battery over the lead battery.

These batteries have other advantages such as a wide operating temperature range, excellent cycle performance, low internal strength and high efficiency (see below). A battery lfp is therefore the first choice chemistry for very demanding applications. Efficient for several applications (especially autonomous solar and/or wind applications), energy efficiency can be of crucial importance.

The return energy efficiency (100% to 0% discharge and 100% charged return) of an average lead battery is 80%. The return energy efficiency of an lfp battery is 92%. The process of charging leaded batteries becomes particularly ineffective when the state of charge has reached 80%, giving efficiencies of 50% or even less in the case of solar systems when several days of reserve energy is required (battery operating with a state of charge of 70% to 100%). On the other hand, an lfp battery will reach 90% efficiency under light discharge conditions.

Size and weight 70% space gain. Lfp batteries are very expensive compared to lead batteries.

But for demanding applications, the initial high cost will be more than offset by extended service life, superior reliability and excellent efficiency. Bluetooth state of temperature alarms and cell voltages can be supervised by bluetooth.

Very useful function to locate a (if any) problem, such as an imbalance on cells for example. Our lfp batteries are equipped with balancing and cell monitoring functions. Up to 10 batteries can be installed in parallel and up to 4 batteries can be connected in series: thus a 48 v battery bench of up to 3,000 ah can be assembled. Balancing/cell monitoring cables can be connected in series and must be connected to a battery management system (bms). Battery management system (bms) the bms is connected to the btv and its main functions are as follows: 1. Disconnect or switch off the charge whenever the voltage of a battery cell falls below 2.5 v. Stop the charging process whenever the voltage of a battery cell exceeds 4.2 v.

Turn off the system whenever the temperature of a cell exceeds 50 oc. See bms fact sheets for more functions.

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Lithium Lfp 160ah 12.8v Smart Victron Energy Storage Photovoltaic    Lithium Lfp 160ah 12.8v Smart Victron Energy Storage Photovoltaic