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80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va

80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va
80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va
80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va
80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va
80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va

80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va    80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va

On all orders in France. Do you like what you see? 80ah slow discharge recreational battery and phoenix converter 12v 375va. Ask a question about this article. Maintain very high quality products.

We always offer you the best prices. Hankook slow discharge commercial batteries are designed to meet recreational and marine vehicle needs. They are sealed without maintenance which has made them very popular in the environment. This range is suitable for use in caravans, motorhomes, boats and others.

All batteries arrive charged and ready for use. X-frame technology that prevents short-circuits benefits: better quality and longer lifespan.

Plaque covered with thicker calcium with a high density of active materials. Strong transport handles for installation. Vibration resistance thanks to the reinforced case. Unique grid system that guarantees high electrical conductivity and strong adherence to active materials. Advantage: offer a higher start, increased power, stable structure and little corrosion.

Double terminal, standard sae and threaded. L257 x l172 x h220mm. Converter phoenix 12/375 ve direct schuko victron energy.

The converters allow you to power the home's equipment - the required 230 v/120 vca power source - using \"leisure\" or \"automotive\" batteries with a voltage of 12 v, 24 v or 48 vcc. Direct can be connected to.

A computer interface cable ve. Smartphones apple and android, tablets, macbooks and other devices a smart bluetooth electronic key communicating with ve.

Reset levels and alarm activation in case of low battery voltage. Restart levels and shutdown in case of low battery voltage. Dynamic cut: cut level depending on the load.

Exit voltage 210 - 245 v. Exit frequency 50 hz or 60 hz.

Detection level of eco mode and ignition/stop of eco mode. Entry and exit voltage, % charge and alarms. The complete bridge topology with a toroidal transformer has demonstrated its reliability for years.

Converters are protected from short circuits and overheating, whether in the event of an overload or high ambient temperature. Needed to start loads such as power converters for LED bulbs, halogens or power tools.

In eco mode, the converter will switch on pause if the load drops below a predetermined value (minimum charge: 15 w). Once on pause, the converter will turn on for a short period of time (adjustable; by default: every 2.5 seconds). If the load exceeds a pre-configured level, the converter will remain on.

A remote ignition/stop switch can be connected to a connector at two poles or between the positive battery pole and the left contact of the two-pole connector. Please see the manual for a description.

To transfer the load to another ca source: the automatic transfer switch. For our low-power converters, we recommend using our filax automatic transfer switch. The filax has a very fast transfer time (less than 20 milliseconds) so that computers and other electronic equipment can continue to operate without interruption. No specific tools are required for installation. Power continues at 25 degrees Celsius. H86 x l165 x p260mm. Please check the dimensions of the battery and those of your battery tray. The mention of your vehicle in our listing does not exempt you from basic checks of battery dimensions and polarities.

Indeed for some vehicles there are variants of batteries. Thank you for taking into consideration the fact that we do not deliver Corsican. We are victron energy distributors. If you need help or help, please contact us.

If you can't find the item you're looking for, send us a message and we can always point you in the right direction. Delivery is made Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm. Delivery is made in 1-2 business days if the order is placed before 3 p. We do not deliver on weekends, our deadlines correspond to the carrier's deadlines so we are not responsible for any delays.

We deliver Belgium, low and Luxembourg countries at no extra cost, minimum delivery time 48 hours. We're not delivering this. Corsica, monaco and the coastal islands. At the time of delivery, please check the battery state. In the unlikely event that the battery has suffered damage during transport that are irreversible, visible and obvious even on the package please refuse the package or issue clear reservations about the state of the goods.

The implementation of this procedure is necessary to carry out an exchange. Items purchased online can be returned to our mouen store within 30 days of purchase.

All returned items must be unused and in their original condition. To obtain a refund or exchange, proof of purchase must be provided for the item you wish to return and include it in the re-exported item.

By making your purchases on our shop you accept the terms and conditions listed below. Opening times and contact the site of our east store: drums megastore 350 rue de lodon 14790 mouen our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. We can be reached on 02 31 30 79 02. For requests to track your order, please call 02 31 75 07 97.

You will not receive a response during the weekend. Important warranty procedure: be careful, no guarantee will be given without presentation of your purchase bill. Before you request a warranty, please fully recharge your battery to ensure that it is not simply discharged. For recreational batteries, slow discharge or deep cycle, the test will have to be carried out in our workshops. Megastore Battery offers a free test solution, no request for a refund of test report bill can be accepted.

The return will, depending on the case, result in a replacement of the products and the reimbursement of the 25 count. No refund of the product will be issued. If the non-compliance is not checked, megastore battery france will return the fully charged battery and the 25 count will be used to cover the return costs. As part of the legal compliance guarantee, you will be asked for a payment of 25 to cover the cost of returning your non-defective battery. As part of the legal guarantee of compliance (2 years) without prejudice to any reservations issued to the carrier, claims about apparent defects or non-compliance of the products delivered must be made to the battery megastore france, in writing within 14 days of receipt of the products. The customer will then benefit from a standard exchange which, depending on the case, will be free of charge. Beyond these 14 days and until the end of the duration of the legal guarantee of compliance, any return must be the subject of an agreement with the french megastore battery. The customer with a starter battery must either: - allow france megastore battery to test the product in the workshop. The product will be removed by the gls carrier at the customer's disclosure (in metropolitan France outside Corsica and Monaco) or can be deposited in the nearest gls. It must be properly packaged before the carrier passes.

The product will be tested in the workshop and the return costs are supported by megastore battery in France. Either provide a test report in a garage (see example below). Written reports or replacement invoices will not be accepted. The test must be performed above 12v and the device calibrated correctly (at the right unit of measurement). As part of the commercial guarantee (up to 3 years after the legal guarantee of compliance expires) the customer with a starter battery must either: - allow megastore battery france to test the product in the workshop according to the same procedure as the previous paragraph.

A down payment of 25 will be required for any test application in our workshops. Provide a test report in a garage. The warranty will be invalid in the following cases: - abnormal wear - unsured poverty mode - misuse or storage, negligent or incorrect installation - unauthorized battery alterations - the use of \"so-called\" means of improvement - use electric fences (guarantee reduced to 6 months) nb: if you think you have more than one defective battery, please contact our technical team first on 02 31 30 79 02. Retraction rights for consumer customers under Article l.

121-21 of the consumer code, the consumer customer has a retraction period of 14 free days from the date of receipt of the products or the conclusion of the contract. In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the consumer customer must, within the time indicated above, send to battery megastore france, a letter stating unequivocally his willingness to retract or return the standard form of the right of withdrawal to the coordinates indicated in the preamble. The consumer customer must return the products to the address indicated in the preamble within 14 days of the communication of his decision to retract, in perfect condition and in their original packaging, and not used, without any trace or mark, with any possible accessories. The cost of returning the products remains at the expense of the consumer customer. If all the conditions required for the return of the products are not met, megastore battery france will be able to deduct sums to be refunded, if any, a share of the price of the order corresponding to the sale price of the missing or possibly degraded products. Please keep your bill carefully.

In the case of a warranty request, you will be asked to provide us with a copy of your invoice. Battery liability megastore is in no way responsible for any harm on life, body and health. In any event, megastore battery disclaims any liability for, among other things, the normal damage or accidents of its products due to negligence, failure to monitor or use non-compliant damage as a result of changes, incorporations or repairs of the product of damage to products subject to abnormal subjections (mechanical, thermal). Product availability the availability of products is not necessarily related to the quantity displayed on the site.

We do our best to ensure that all our products are in stock. However, in periods of high activity, there may be a break on the products ordered. In this case, we will offer you the possibility of a refund or an alternative product, of the same or higher range, at the same price.

Delivery address once the order is shipped, we cannot guarantee you the possibility of a delivery change. It is very important to check the delivery address, including the postcode, as well as your phone number. Possible errors in your contact information can cause delays. We do not deliver Corsican, monaco and coastal islands.

Waste recovery we can tell any customer who requests it a place of deposit or a specialized waste treatment plant near the megastore battery premises, or any battery distributor marketing these products under their commercial name or anyone authorized to recover this waste. In any case, the customer will be able to deposit them in any place suitable for the recovery of this waste. It is strictly forbidden to throw batteries, batteries or batteries into your household garbage or to throw them into the natural environment. Megastore battery has been created so you can buy competitively priced batteries online or over the phone. We import batteries directly from the manufacturer, which allows us to offer you attractive prices, but also direct access to top quality products.

Currently expanding, we offer a wide range of batteries suitable for all types of vehicles: car, motorbike, motorhome, caravan, boat, truck all our prices listed include vat. Megastore battery to offer a fast and efficient home delivery service to all our customers: industrial organizations, individual.

Buying a car battery with us could not be easier, we aim to make the process as simple and direct as possible. From ordering your battery to delivering fast the next day, included in the price.

Megastore battery has experienced strong growth since its debut in 2000. All this thanks to our valued customers who have decided to change the way batteries are purchased and to benefit from a more competitive offer. If you are still not convinced to use megastore battery, check out the following information: - we receive many positive comments every day from our customers - our company has featured in various magazines and articles - we offer different batteries, depending on the type of technology. We pack professionally to avoid damage in transit - we have a technical team to answer your questions - all our batteries are of the highest quality and are guaranteed your feedback is extremely important to us.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve all aspects of our service, please email us directly. We appreciate your custom and hope that you will decide to use megastore battery for your purchases. Try us, you won't be disappointed. Sign up for our newsletter and receive our offers and deals. Megastore battery has been created so you can buy competitive premium batteries online or over the phone. We import batteries directly from the manufacturer, which allows us to offer you attractive prices, but also direct access to first quality products. 99% of our customers recommend us to a friend. The item \"80ah slow discharge leisure battery and phoenix converter 12v 375va\" has been on sale since Tuesday, March 16, 2021. It is in the category of \"boats, sailing, boating, engine, engine parts, pumps, electricity/batteries/energy\". The seller is \"batterymegastore2009\" and is located in /in moss. This item can be shipped to the following countries: France, Belgium.

  1. battery surge: 12v
  2. power continues at 25oC: 300w
  3. maximum
  4. : 89%
  5. empty consumption: 5.6w
  6. battery application: slow discharge recreational battery
  7. seeds: positive on the left
  8. manufacturer's coin number: dc24 - pin121371200
  9. battery capacity (c20): 80ah
  10. stechnology: calcium sealed
  11. : b1
  12. type of catch: schuko
  13. type of terminals: double terminal, standard sae and threaded
  14. battery weight: 18.2kg
  15. gary of the battery: 4 years
  16. sizes of the battery (including terminals): l257 x l172 x h220mm
  17. battery-making countries: South Korea
  18. converter surge: 12v
  19. converter protection
  20. : ip21
  21. sizes of the converter: h86 x l165 x p260mm
  22. converter's weight: 3kg
  23. converter
  24. garie: 5 years
  25. converter manufacturing country: China
  26. mark: hankook - victron energy
  27. peakpower: 700w

80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va    80ah Slow Discharge Leisure Battery And Phoenix Converter 12v 375va