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120w 240w Solar Panel Kit With 20ah Lithium Battery For Caravan Boat

120w 240w Solar Panel Kit With 20ah Lithium Battery For Caravan Boat

120w 240w Solar Panel Kit With 20ah Lithium Battery For Caravan Boat    120w 240w Solar Panel Kit With 20ah Lithium Battery For Caravan Boat
Solar panels 120w/240w+charge controller 30a+batteries lithium 50ah1+inverter 600w. For boat, house, camping car. Under four hours of full sun. System 120w, output 480wh per day. System 240w, output 960wh per day. [high efficiency]: the size is the same as the 100 w solar panel on the market, but compared to the 100 w solar panel, it can convert 20% more energy. Output 120w, 4 hours full sun per day, equivalent to 480wh per day, which allows you to completely recharge a battery 12v 40ah. The solar panel set is suitable for hangars, caravans, mobile homes, boats, trailers, golf carts, snack carts, etc. The network-independent solar module system can be easily started. The 30a solar charger controller has integrated protection against short circuits and open circuits. The usb controller protects your battery against overloads and overloads, and can be used for a long time. 600w 12v dc 12v ac 220v, pure sinusoidal wave, suitable domestic voltage, suitable for most equipment such as microwave ovens, coffee machines, television sets, pump basins, etc. It is better than a modified sinusoidal wave inverter, no electromagnetic pollution and can extend the life of the equipment. The product uses an aluminum frame for outdoor use, so that the panel can be used for decades and can withstand heavy winds (2400 pa) and snow loads (5400 pa). We provide a complete set of 120 w and 240 w lithium battery systems, including 30a controllers, 600 w inverters, and light and long-lasting 50 ah lithium batteries. The installation is simple, convenient and fast to meet your daily needs.

There is a one-year warranty and technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don't hesitate to call the eco-worhty hotline for solutions. Open-circuit voltage (vocal): 21.6 v. Maximum voltage/peak (vmp): 18 v.

Short-circuit current (isc): 7.72a. Maximum current/peak (imp): 6.67 a. Electricity guarantee: 90% within 10 years. Battery voltage: 12v / 24v. Load voltage: 13.7 v / 27.4 v.

Discharge stop: 10.7v / 21.4v. Reconnect discharge: 12.6 v / 25.2 v. Output wave: pure sinusoidal wave. Cooling: Controlling the cooling fan according to temperature. Battery voltage: 12.8 v.

Maximum charge/discharge current: 40 a/60 a. Maximum charge voltage:14,5 v. Battery size:223135185mm (8.85,37.3 inches). Battery weight: 4.82 kg (10.62 lbs). [10 jahre lebensdauer] : eco-worthy lithium-eisenphosphat-battery wird mehr als 3000-mal recycelt, was mehr als das achtfache von blei-säure-batterian (300-400-mal) ist.

Die lebensdauer kannen unter ideal jenen bedung errere. Eco-worthy-battery verfügt über ein integriertes bms (batterymanagementsystem), geringe selbstentladung, kann überladung, teiefenladung, überstrom, überlastung, kurzschluss verhindern. Die lifepo4-lithiumbattery ist sicher, effizient und tragbar, geeignet für wohnmobile, wohnwagen, schiffe, golfwagen, werkzeuganhänger, sonnenkollektoren, Kinderfahrungzeuge oder werden. Lithium batteries support serial and parallel connections.

Up to 4 identical batteries can be extended in series and an unlimited number of batteries can be extended in parallel. We also provide professional technical support and a 1-year warranty. Ein battery managementsystem (bms) ist jedes elektronische system, das eine wiederaufladbare battery (zelle oder batterypack) verwaltet. Was Kann bms ihnen brought in? Das bms-system can your battery efektiv vor überladung, tefentladung, überlastung und kurzschluss sowie einer geringen selbstentladungsrate schützen und ihnen "schildschutz" bieten. Complete lithium battery system 120w / 240w. Can be installed directly to generate and store energy for you (no need to buy additional accessories). Which is one of your best decisions. How to install this system?

1 solar charge controller 30a. 1 5m cable with socket 1 holder "z".

1 solar charge controller 30a 1 inverter 600w 12v-220v 1 lithium battery 50ah 1 5m cable with socket 1 support "z" 1 battery cable of the controller. 2 mono 120w solar panel. 1 5m cable with socket. 1 battery cable from the controller.

The contents of the package are different, please confirm, thank you. If you want to assemble the system yourself, you can also share your wishes and ideas with us, and we will assemble for you a system adapted to your needs. This item is in the category "bricolage\electricity\renewable energies\solar power supply\solar panels, kits". The seller is "eco-worthy-de01" and is located in this country: de.

This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.

  1. watts: 240w solar panel system
  2. Power: 101-150 w
  3. nominal current: 6.51-7 a
  4. Power source: solar
  5. system configuration: standalone
  6. Manufacturer part number: l02m120 Output current: 10 a or less
  7. type: solar panel kit
  8. Solar charge controller: pwm (time pulse modulation)
  9. characteristics: single crystallin, usb port, cable cell connection, corrosion resistant, maintenance free
  10. resistant to: anti-abrasive, anti-shock, anti-dust, anti-rust, child protection, water resistant
  11. Model: 120w/240w solar panel kit Mark: eco-worthy
  12. current type: ca
  13. use: agriculture/breeding, aquaculture, automobile, camping/hiking, house/garden
  14. Tension: 12 v

120w 240w Solar Panel Kit With 20ah Lithium Battery For Caravan Boat    120w 240w Solar Panel Kit With 20ah Lithium Battery For Caravan Boat