Battery Discharge Slow

Batterie Compatible For Bt. 00907.015, Lc. Btp01.029, Lc. Btp00.119

Batterie Compatible For Bt. 00907.015, Lc. Btp01.029, Lc. Btp00.119

Batterie Compatible For Bt. 00907.015, Lc. Btp01.029, Lc. Btp00.119    Batterie Compatible For Bt. 00907.015, Lc. Btp01.029, Lc. Btp00.119

Battery compatible for acer as10b3e. Brand compatible chemistry : li-ion voltage : 11.1v capacity : 5200mah weight : 400g color : black. Product new warranty 6 months reference : bt-ac13-11052-n. Acer aspirate 3820t-5246 / aspirate 3820t-7459 / aspirate 3820t-332g16n / aspirate 3820t-332g32n / aspirate 3820t-33g50n / aspirate 3820t-333g25i / aspirate 3820t-333g25n / aspirate 3820t-333g32n / aspirate 3820t-334g32n / aspirate 3820t-334g50n / aspirate 3820t-334g50n / aspirate 3820t-352g16n / aspirate 3820t-333g32n / aspirate 3820t-332g32? N / aspirate 3820tg-434g50 / aspirate 3820tg-434g50?

N / aspirate 4820t / aspirate 4820t-3697 / aspirate 4820t-5570 / aspirate 4820t-331g32m? N / aspirate 4820t-333g25mn / aspirate 4820t-333g32m? N / aspirate 4820t-334g32mn / aspirate 4820t-354g32m? N / aspirate 4820t-434g32mn / aspirate as4820t-522g16m? N / aspirate 4820tg / aspirate 4820tg-3195 / aspirate 4820tg-5637 / aspirate 4820tg-7566 / aspirate 4820tg-7805 / aspirate 4820tg-332gmn / aspirate 4820tg-332gmn / aspirate 4820tg-64mn / aspirate 4820tg-7805 / aspirate 4820tg-333gmn / aspirate 4820tg-334gn / aspirate 4820t-334gn / aspirate 4820t-332mn / aspirate 4820t-333gnmn / aspirate 4820t-432mn / aspirate 4820t-424gn / aspirate 4820t-424gn / aspirate 4820t-424gn / aspirate 4820t-432gn / aspirate 4820t-433ggn / aspirate 4820gmn 4820t-420gn 4820gmn 4820g-432gn 4820gn 4820gn 4820gn 4820gn 4820g - aspirate-420gn 4820mn 4820g - aspirane 4820n 4820g N / aspirate 5820t-333g32m? I / aspirate 5820t-333g32mn / aspirate 5820t-334g32m? I / aspirate 5820t-334g32mn / aspirate 5820tg-334g50mn / aspirate 5820t-353g32mn / aspirate 5820t-354g32mn / aspirate 5820t-354g50mn / aspirate 5820t-432g32mn? Acer aspirable: 4820t-333gmn / 4820t-334gmn / 4820t-331gmn / 4820t-332gmn / 4820t-333gmn / 4820t-333gmn / 4820t-333gmn / 4820t-334gmn / 4820t-354ggmn / 4820t-432gmn / 4820t-432gmn / 4820t-3697 / 4820t-434gmn / 4820t-522gn / 4820t-524gmn / 4820t-524gmn / 4820t-533gn / 4820t-33gmn / 4820t-332gn / 4820t-332gn / 4820ggn / 4820ggn / 4820t-332gn / 4820gn / 4820t-332gn / 4820gngn / 4820gn Acer aspirates: 5745 / 5745dg / 5745dg-5462g50mnks / 5745g / 5745p / 5745pg. Acer aspirable: 5820t-334gmn / 5820t-334gmn / 5820t-434gmn / 5820t-5316 / 5820t-5452 / 5820t-5900 / 5820t-332gmn / 5820t-333gmn / 5820t-5951 / 5820t-354gmn / 5820t-432gmn / 5820t-522gmn / 5820t-524gmn / 5820t-332gmn / 5820t-77683 / 5820tgn / 5820tg-334gmn / 5820t-434gmn / 5820t-354gnmn / 5820t-353gn / 5820t-332gn / 5820t-432gn / 5820t-733gn / 5820t-432gn / 5820t-432gn / 5820t-434ggn / 5820t-434gnmn / 5820t-354gngmn / 5820t-420gngmnmn / 5820mng - 5820mng - 5820g Acer aspirates: 7745g-434g1tmn_gamer / 7745g-726g1tmn / 7745g-728g1tbn / 7745z.

Acer aspirates: as3820t-374g32nks / as3820t-374g50nks / as3820t-6480 / as3820tg-374g32nks / as3820tg-374g50nks / as3820tg-382g50nss / as3820tg-482g64nss / as3820tg-484g50nks / as3820tg-5462g64nss / as3820tg-5464g75nks / as3820tzg-p622g32nss / as3820tz-p613g32nks. Acer aspirates: as4820t / as4820t-373g32mnks / as4820t-374g32mnks / as4820t-332g32mn / as4820t-6645 / as4820tg-374g50mnks / as4820tg-482g64mnss / as4820tg-5462g64mnss / as4820tg-5464g32mnks / as4820tg-5464g50mnks / as4820tg-5564g75mnsss / as4820tg-644g16mnks / as4820tg6847. Acer aspirates: as5820t-354g32mnks / as5820t-354g32mnss / as5820t-373gnks / as5820t-374gnks / as5820t-6401 / as5820t-6825 / as5820tg-374g50mnks / as5820tg-482g64mnsss / as5820tg-484g64mnss / as5820tg-5462g64mnss / as5820tg-546g75mnks / as5820tzg-p614g50mnks / as5820tz-p613gnks.

Acer aspirates: as3820t / as3820t-6480 / as3820t-7459 / as3820tg-334g32mn / as3820tg-374g32n / as3820tg-374g50nks / as3820tg-382g50nks / as3820tg-382g50nss / as3820tg-382g50nss04 / as3820tg-482g50nss / as3820tg-482g64nss / as3820tg-5462g64nss / as3820tg-5464g75nks / as3820tg-6829 / as3820tg-7360 / as3820tzg-p622g32nsss. Acer aspirates: as4820t-6645 / as4820t-7633 / as4820tg-334g32mn / as4820tg-334g50mn / as4820tg-374g50mn / as4820tg-374g50mnks / as4820tg-434g64mn / as4820tg-482g64mnss / as4820tg-5462g64mnss03 / as4820tg-5464g75mnks / as4820tg-5564g75mnss / as4820tg-644g16mnks / as4820tg-6847 / as4820tg-7566 / as4820tg-7805. Acer aspirates: as5820t-6401 / as5820t-6825 / as5820t-7683 / as5820tg-374g50mn / as5820tg-374g50mnks / as5820tg-482g64mnss / as5820tg-484g64mnss / as5820tg-5462g64mnss / as5820tg-5464g75mnks / as5820tzg-p604g32mn / as5820tzg-p614g50mn. Packard bell easynote lk11, lk11bz.

As10b31 / as10b41 / as10b7e / as10b5e / as10b61 / as10b6e / as10b3e / as10b51 / as10b7e / as10e7e. As10e76, as10b71, as10b73, as10b75, 934t2085e, ak. To the attention of buyers to take into account before validating. A 100% compatible part of a different brand is sent if the exact model described in the ad is not available in. Stock at time of sale.

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    Colour: black Battery capacity: 5200 mah Compatible mark: acer timelinex 3820t 4820t 4820tg 5820t Compatible model: acer timelinex 3820t 4820t 4820tg 5820t, portable pc battery
  1. battery type: li-ion
  2. Mark: - no mark/generic - Tension: 11.1 v
  3. type: battery
  4. Compatible product range: acer timelinex 3820t 4820t 4820tg 5820t
  5. unit of measurement: unit
  6. Unit quantity: 1 Manufacturer part number: portable pc battery
  7. number of battery cells: look at description

Batterie Compatible For Bt. 00907.015, Lc. Btp01.029, Lc. Btp00.119    Batterie Compatible For Bt. 00907.015, Lc. Btp01.029, Lc. Btp00.119