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Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black

Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black
Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black
Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black
Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black
Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black
Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black
Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black

Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black   Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black

Xdrum semi 22 standard battery midnight black (black). High quality acoustic poplar wood in standard configuration.

Material 5 pieces, double reinforced: snare case support, bass pedal, charleston support, cymbal boom support and stool. 1 pair of rods, detailed assembly instructions.

Dimensions of drums: 22" bd, 12" tt, 13" tt, 16" ft, 14 sd. 1 set of charleston cymbals, 1 cymbal wrinkle/crash. High quality acoustic poplar wood in standard configuration, 5-piece material, double reinforced: snare case support, bass pedal, charleston support, boom and stool cymbal support, 1 pair of rods, detailed mounting instructions, drum dimensions: 22" bd, 12" tt, 13" tt, 16" ft, 14 sd, 1 set of charleston cymbals, 1 wrinkle/crash cymbal. The reviews of customers who bought products from us. Delivery very fast, super well packed and protected.

Fast delivery well packed, and well explained for assembly thanks. Very fast and serious I advise. Here, you get everything you need to play the drums. Set of complete drums in the quality of the robust finish with stable easels for excellent tuning and great sound.

Battery set that allows to adjust the tom arms hand-in-hand for optimal adaptation to all sizes. Hi-hat and pedals with palans.

All feet and stops were equipped with memory locks to ensure trouble-free assembly and to eliminate adjustment work after initial assembly. All drums have high quality skins, in addition they are pre-assembled. So that you no longer have to be desired, the set contiens of the cymbals treated of great value, of a stool adjustable in height that makes possible the comfortable sitting to the instrument either large people or small people, a pair of sticks. Sets of high-value poplar casks the drums are made of multilayer poplar wood that is acoustically precious, so it guarantees the incredibly rich sound that does not have its same even in high price classes.

Locking memory locks allows immediately to find a position adjusted to drums or cymbals for once when it is assembled again. It saves the time of assembly on stage, at rehearsal studio or at home. 2023-03-07 09:14 - 275675773597. Specialist in musicians since 1987. Enjoy more than 30 years of experience with musical instruments and accessories. Orders that arrive on weekdays until 2 p. Are usually shipped on the same day. You thus have in your hands your ordered items in a short time. With us, you have expert advice on sounding and studio. A total of about 120 employees working on one thing: satisfied customers!

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Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black   Kit Acoustic Battery 22'' Drum Complete Set Cymbals Stool Black